Have Your Dairy (And Drink it Too!)

As many of you may or may not know, June is nationally recognized as Dairy Month.  A time when you are encouraged to embrace all things dairy, celebrate the industry, and educate yourself about the dairy side of Agriculture.  In honor of June Dairy Month, I would like to introduce you to the trendy adult side of dairy consumption.

I give you- the Cream Liqueurs

A Cream Liqueur (not to be confused with crème liqueur) is a liqueur that contains real dairy (not artificial) cream.  Once exiled to the dusty and grimy back of the middle shelf of your local bar, the Cream Liqueur is on a trendy new comeback!  Pinterest warriors can now peruse countless varieties of not only shots and mixed drinks calling for Cream Liqueurs as their main ingredient, but also bars, cakes, and even oatmeal!  You can even find coffee creamers getting in on the action claiming to “taste” like some of the more popular liqueurs.

Mixed opinions on storage and shelf-life but some good notes to remember are:

1) always a good idea to keep chilled, besides, it tastes better cold

2) almost always, the cream has been not only homogenized (i.e. fat molecules broken down) but also pasteurized to make it shelf stable

3) the alcohol and sugar content also help act as a further preservative

4) best to use it within, at most, a year of opening if you keep it refrigerated. I recommend visiting the product’s website for the best info.

Enough with all the introduction!  Here is a brief and mouthwatering rundown of some of my favorites

For the Fruitcakes:

Tequila Rose

tequila rose

Travel back in time to the 80’s when this strawberry cream liqueur became popular.  With subtle hints of tequila- this garishly pink nectar is best consumed while listening to Pat Benatar or Bonnie Raitt on vinyl



Whatever a Marula fruit is- I have no idea.  “Wood spice characters of vanilla and toast are naturally imparted. Another important ingredient is fresh dairy cream. It gives Amarula its rich and velvety smooth consistency.” …”Opaque creamy light brown color. Rich fruity milk chocolate and vanilla nut fudge aromas with a creamy moderately sweet medium-to-full body and a tangy roasted nut, cream, and dried tropical fruit finish” …….What-the-what?  Sounds like heaven in a bottle!

The (Seemingly Endless) Irish Creams:

For the Purists: The One and Only Baileys


Now available in flavors such as Caramel, Coffee, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, and a rumored delicious sounding Biscotti!! If only!!!!

It’s always been there, and you’ve always known about it.  Hanging out in the fridge in your grandparent’s garage- hiding amongst the Grain Belt beers and cans of diet/sugar-free/caffeine-free pop.  As a kid, you would sneak a swig or two when nobody was looking and wince as it burned on the way down before tottering off on your bike again.  Now, as an adult, you revel in luxury as you sip it from a tumbler after a steak dinner at your favorite supper club.  Baileys has been the gold standard of Irish Creams.  It was the first Irish Cream to become available and many more brands have followed suit, but Baileys is still the go-to.  “220 million liters of fresh Irish milk are required annually to produce the fresh cream used in the manufacture of Baileys. 38,000 of the top-bred Irish dairy cows produce the daily cream requirement for Baileys grazing on approximately 1500 selected Irish farms mainly on the East coast of Ireland”.  Now that is some pretty legit stuff!  Don’t insult it by mixing shots with it, or wasting it on a cake- save that job for the lesser versions listed below.

For those trying to save a buck or cut a corner, there are several acceptable substitutes such as Carolan’s, Duggan’s, and Feeny’s.  Or, for the more ambitious you can make your own homemade Irish Cream.

Side note:  this is not an adequate substitute… EVER

coffee mate

Go home, non-dairy irish cream, nobody likes you.

A Category All Their Own:



Ok, so the history of RumChata (another product from Wisconsin cream) is a little obscure.  Released in 2009 it has since become wildly popular among housewives and sorority girls everywhere.  A Rum-based liqueur inspired by the original Horchata, which finds its origins in Spain and Mexico and dates back as far as the time of the Egyptians.  In Spain, the Chafu nut was ground, in Mexico it was rice- and both were mixed with cinnamon and sugar to produce a milky substance.  Rich, smooth and sassy, RumChata seems to taste different to everyone.  The most accurate description I’ve heard came from my sister, who claimed “it tastes like the milk leftover after you’ve had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch”…. works for me!

The Pie Creams

KeKe_Beach_Key_Lime_Cream_414015_i0 Fultons_Harvest_Harvest_Pumpkin_Pie_Cream_410376_i0

KeKe Beach Key Lime Pie-“the refreshing flavours of key lime pie with just a hint of graham” (because when was graham ever overpowering??”

Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie: the first ever pumpkin pie cream liqueur “immediately reminiscent of homemade pumpkin pie complete with the flavors rich vanilla, brown sugar and spices”…… Fall can’t come soon enough!

Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream


If you can’t say its name five times fast- you’re not sober enough to order it

Ok, so I’ve never heard of this, but it only makes sense and after reading the description I can’t wait to go out and try some.   “Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream is a Tennessee Whiskey cream liqueur that embodies all the deliciously familiar characteristics of a Charcoal Mellowed Tennessee Whiskey softened by the subtle whispers of real caramel, burnt molasses, red apple, fig, pecan and secret, all-natural ingredients.”  Plus, the moonshine milk jug is pretty awesome.

The Tippy Cow Family:

Orange Cream, Chocolate, Shamrock Mint, & Vanilla Soft Serve


Last but certainly not the least- the state of Wisconsin proudly brings you the Tippy Cow quartet, bottled in Pewaukee, WI and produced with real Wisconsin cream.  Maybe it’s the genius name, eye catching labels, or the fact that it’s another great product from Wisconsin- but Tippy Cow is hands down my favorite adult “Mommy Treat”

shamrock tippy cow

#mommytreat #itotallydeservethis


So, the next time you’re wondering what new and exciting dairy product you should try, don’t forget about these delicious little lovelies and the fact that they all contain real dairy cream.  And, as always, remember to consume them responsibly- or as we say around here “Wisconsinably”, which probably isn’t all that responsible in the end.  Till next time!


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